Social Responsibility

According to statistics from the China Plastics Recycling Committee, the daily use of plastic bags are up to 3 billion and the annual use of plastic bags weight of 6.8 million tons in our country. The production of 1 ton of plastic needs to consume 3 tons of oil.

The harm of plastic bags:

1. If the plastic bags are buried underground, they will not decompose for about 200 years, which will have a negative impact on the PH of the soil, resulting in crop production and water pollution.

2. After the plastic bags are discarded, if incinerated, a large amount of toxic and harmful gases will be generated to pollute the air.

3. If animals eat plastic bags, they can cause illness and even death.

Based on this, Nanwang has earnestly fulfill the social responsibility of leading environmental  enterprises in the harmonious development of the enterprise and society, enterprise and environment:

First, Nanwang produce recyclable and easily degradable green paper bags instead of the disposable plastic bags. Once you use a paper bag, it will reduce the chance of using a plastic bag. Nanwang initiative environmental protection action  in the whole society to start from using the paper bag!


           ——Nanwang’s environmental paper bags features:

            1.Use high-quality original paper to recycle and reuse;

            2.Use improved food-grade water-based ink and water-based starch glue 

               to protect the environment without pollution;

            3.The Paper bag can hold up to 14KG, which is durable and can be used for 

               repeated use;

Second, we have a new clean cycle of sewage treatment system in 2012. The production of waste water, after layers of biological purification, can achieve the standard of the secondary use, and the treated water can be used for cleaning and greening to save society resources.

                     sewage treatment system. 


Third, all the domestic hot water are from solar water heaters which are environmental protection and energy saving.

                     Full coverage of solar water heater